Centro informazioni - Domande sull'acquisto di crediti

What is credit?

It is our virtual currency. You buy credits in packs of more credits so you don't have to pay for each image separately by credit card or by Paypal. This way you can buy a chosen image with one click when you have enough credits on your account. Credits are subtracted each time you download image.

What is subscription and how does it work?

Subscription credits are prepaid for one month. Each day in the same time you will get your chosen amount of credits (currently 25 or 100). These credits should be spent in the next 24 hours, otherwise they will expire and you won't be able to use them anymore. This is balanced by very low price for one credit - it starts at $0.1.

When it is better to buy prepaid credits and when subscription?

If you want to buy only a fewl images, it might be better to buy a prepaid credit pack - even with it your images will be most probably cheaper than in other agencies. If you buy images regularly- for example for a magazine - the subscription will be better for you because subscription credits are much cheaper than credit packs, but its expiration time is only 24 hours.

Is the validity of credits limited?

Yes. Our prepaid credits are valid for one year, bonus credits three months and subscription credits 24 hours. After that they will expire and you won't be able to use them anymore.

Which payment methods can I use?

You can buy credits using credit card (Visa, Visa electron or MasterCard) or via Paypal account.
For payment via Paypal you need to have an account that you will connect with your email address. During payment for Pixmac credits you just fill in your email (connected with Paypal) and password and the payment will be made - you will have your credits in a few seconds.
For payment by credit card you don't need any special account. During your payment you will be transferred to Worldpay payment pages where you will have to fill in all required data - you don't have to worry about giving your data to Pixmac.
Both Worldpay and Paypal are internationally respected payment services; you don't have to worry about any unauthorized use of your data.

Will I get an invoice for my purchase?

Yes. All invoices you can find in your My account section. You will view them by clicking to appropriate number of the invoice. After opening you can download it or print it.

Where do I see my credit balance in my account?

You can see your credit balance easily - just look to the top right corner of the page. You will see two numbers there - the first one is standard credits and the second one is amount of subscription credits and bonus credits that you can get from promotional codes.

I have bought credits but I don't see them in my account.

Haven't you bought subscription credits? In that case, you will see 0 standard credits but you will have your credits there as bonus credits - the pink number of credits in the top right corner of the page.
If it is not your case, this can also happen when the payment is ended improperly. For example if you close browser window instead of going back to pixmac. In that case, please send us the transaction confirmation that you will get from Paypal or Worldpay after payment. We will add your credits manually.
Both payment methods (Paypal and Worldpay) are processed outside Pixmac pages and it is possible that they have any technical problems. In that case, please contact us and describe your problem.

I have bought credits from subscription but I have still 0 cr. in my account.

It is because subscription credits can't be used for all images but only for images from the Pixmac collection and Celebrity images. Therefore they are counted as bonus credits - they are seen as the pink number in the top right corner of the page.

I have bought credits from subscription but when I try to download image, system points me to "Buy credits" page again.

Credits from subscription can be used only for buying images from Pixmac collection and Celebrity images. If you try to download image from Fotolia collection, you will be prompted to buy prepaid credits that can be used for Fotolia collection, too (packs of 30, 100 and 500 credits).

What are bonus credits?

Bonus credits can be gained by promo codes that you get in some events or competitions held by Pixmac. They can be used only for certain types of images, usually for the Pixmac collection and Celebrity images.

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